Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Revolving Restaurants

Eating while going round and round at a great height - I can assure you its even better than I make it sound in that opening sentence (hard to beleive)!

Revolving restaurants are great places to take in a city. Usually placed at, or near, the top of a tall building, they offer great vantage points of the cities.
And as they usually rotate at a very sedate speed, of about one rotation every hour, you are not clinging on to a post in the centre, or up against the outside windows with your faced pressed hard against the glass.

Indeed the biggest obtacle tends to be finding the loos again, if you have taken a few drinks while marvelling at the view!
Here's a great selection of revolving bars and restaurants from around the world.

And for those looking for something more different - how about a revolving cable car - the ultimate way to view the swiss alps on your ascent!

Spinning Paul

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