Friday, July 17, 2009

Jump Jump Jump - Things to do starting with a jump!

In a bit of a rush today so a quickie blog. YouGoDo has numerous exhilirating activities which involve leaving something solid, like a platform or a plane, and jumping into something not so solid like air - so I did a quick search of for jump

Hey presto loads of scary looking activities from around the world starting with a JUMP!

And one of the higest ranked on YouGoDo is also probably the world's highest possible jump - HALO Jumping - High Altitude Low Opening crazy free fall parachuting.

Other interesting way of plummeting to earth include wingsuit jumps - one for the experts here!

Or the World's Highest Bungy Jump in South Africa

Or if Bungy and Parachuting are a bit soft for you, as you are tied to something, why not try SCAD Jumping - basically being dropped from a large height into a net!

Just a few of the options - of couse we also have 100's of parachute and paragliding activities from the best parts of the world!

Whoooooooaaaaaaargh Paul

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