Friday, July 10, 2009

High technology things to do!

Working for YouGoDo it's great to be constantly surprised by the uses of new technology. How much fun would Bungy Jumping be with the old ropes of the past!

GPS is a great example – It is becoming a great tool for tourism related services. Innovative companies are converging several of the new technologies to provide some great new GPS tours. For example Red Tours in Lisbon. They have coupled GPS technology with eco friendly electric vehicles like buggys and segways. The result is an eco vehicle which, via a pre programmed GPS tour, will take you to the key tourist spots of Lisbon, and then tell you about what you are looking at, in your own language – it’s a great use of technology - letting Lisbon tourists loose to see the sights at their own pace.

The Segway is another of the great eco friendly innovations which is taking off at a pace – take a look at some of the Segway Tours of key cities around the world here. Here in Spain there are even off road Segway tours.

As I mentioned in my previous blog this month Mountain Bike Parks are another great example – and immense for all of those involved in the sport of mountain biking.

Another relatively recent innovation puts soft plastic to great use – Sphereing must have been what the inventor of plastic had in mind, when coming up with his new material. Being able to be rolled down a hill in a hamster ball – Epic fun! See the Sphereing in Benalmadena example here.

Isn't Lat / Long Brilliant - we have embraced this heavily in out things to do maps - this shows the things to do in your area nicely marked on a map!

Comment and reviews are another fantastic, yet relatively recently introduced, aid to travellers - see whats great and what`'s piss poor by reading about others experiences. On we now have reviews on each activity and also on locations, so you can see the score before you book, and equally importantly contribute and let others know whats good and bad about an activity / place.

And finally Sky Fly – the kite swing in Leucat – being suspended above the ground while a kite pulls you in all directions. If they can down size this for the garden it could be the end of “can you push me please”

Techno Travel Geek Paul

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