Thursday, July 23, 2009

Faster Faster Faster – I want to go fast!

Being a Speedfreak myself (what is it about going fast and taking risks which makes you feel so good – have the scientists answered this one yet?) I regularly take a look on to see what the world’s playground can offer those who want to go fast – really fast.

Well here’s a few suggestions for Speakfreaks, some of YouGoDo’s fastest fun:

Starting on the water where although the speeds are not the highest, the fact you are on water helps you to experience the same buzz without the necessity for the very big mph/kmh numbers!

Jet Skis and Jet Boat experiences seem to be the key high speed fun here – Their ability to scream over relatively shallow waters and turn on a sixpence (oops showing my age there!) ensure exhilarating experiences. On a Jet Boat ride, at the hands of skilful pilots you are rocketed through stunning scenery, almost brushing rocky canyon walls and hard banks. Great fun!

Moving onto the land there are more choices. Hiring supercars is a great way to set your own pace! You can even put your kids in a supercar! Probably a different feeling of speed (or fear) sat beside your 12 year old in a Ferrari! Or maybe try karting, driving an F1 car, rent a racer or take a ‘taxi ride’ around the famous old Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

Or if two wheels is you thing (going fast and leaning over is even more fun!) then you can get your speed kicks with off road enduro experiences in some of the world’s best location, rent a superbike or learn two wheel stunts and wheelies!

Track days and track events are aplenty for fans of two and four wheels.

And if acceleration is your thing then Dragster passenger rides must offer the ultimate.

And of course land based but starting to reach for the skies there are a host of ever more extreme roller coasters where speeds and G forces are constantly rising.

Then there’s the speed, mainly downwards, experienced when taking part in bungy jumps, zip wires and scad diving.

Then up into the air where pretty much every experience includes an element of speed (leaving out Gliding and Hot Air Ballooning!) – here you can try jet fighter flights, parachuting experiences or the incredible wingsuit schools (one for the extremely brave)!

So much speed – so little time!

"The older I get the faster I was" Paul

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