Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skiing in Sierra Nevada – Spring in Spain

A great YouGoDo’y week here in Spain last week. Mountain Biking, Enduro Riding and Skiing – spring is in the air!

The kids were off school, and one of the advantages of them being in an International School here in Spain, is that the International and Spanish Schools have different half term holidays. So a great week to head up to the local ski slopes at Sierra Nevada, while most of the locals kids are at school.

Being so far south it is always a warm place to ski, and this year the conditions have been superb. The best snow in about 20 years, and certainly the best we have seen in the past five years (although that said this is probably down to the fact we planned the visit this year – we usually leave it too late and ski in April by which time the heat in Spain is rising and snow is tending to get a little slushy on the lower slopes!). Our youngest has also mastered the blues with confidence which opened up a host of new lifts and pistes – great fun. Sierra Nevada a great place to visit!

I’ve also started to get back into my Mountain Biking – and Mountain Biking in Spain is stunning . That said it’s fairly hilly!

Wanting to find some new routes with minimum effort I took out the KTM Enduro Motorcycle on Saturday – a great way of finding out “what’s up that route?, what’s down that track?, do those two tracks join?, where does that track bring me out?, how steep is that climb?, etc”. Enduro Riding in Spain is also stunning!

With the help of the KTM assisted recky we had a great 30km Sunday morning ride through the cork forests and crystal clear streams, simple and more technical, etc. All rounded off with a pint and some olives at the local finca – it’s taken three years but I’m finally really enjoying Olives!

Back on YouGoDo a host of new activities continue to rain down on us – wingsuit flying came to our attention last week.

I had a look into this further and came across this stunning wingsuite video from Norway! Anyone fancy giving it a try we have several options!

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