Friday, February 6, 2009

Credit Crunch Pound Euro Rate effect for Brits planning to visit Spain

Much is being written about the effect of the weak pound against the euro and how the Spanish Tourism (and come to think of it Italian, French, etc) markets will be hit this year.

Obviously this has come along with Credit Crunch making it even more of a threat.

For a market heavily dependent upon British tourists I strongly beleive market forces will dictate falling holiday consumables prices this year down here in Spain. Locally we are already seeing resturants making 'two for one' offers, and offering significant discounts - Picasso's Italian Restaurant in Puerto banus, one of the best and probably THE most popular restaurant in the area is offering significant early bird discounts for the coming weeks. This is the first time I have seen such offers down here on the south coast.

And every other day I get an email from one or another of the low cost airlines offering x million seats on sale. I think given the fact the British Tourists purchase their flights in pounds, and these seem to be more widely available at cheaper prices than last year, and the fact you can book your accommodation from the many British apartment owners also in Pounds the actual holiday costs will be about the same or lower than in 2008.

Which just leaves the spending when you get here. Well the good news is lying on the beach and playing in the Med, in pretty much guaranteed sun, costs little or nothing! And here in Andalusia there are loads of great places to visit in the countryside, which offer very low cost days out. And depending on where you choose to eat and drink, or by eating in a few nights of the week, I am sure most tourists can still enjoy Spain (and it is probably the same in the other Euro countries) for about the same cost as last year.

¡I'd recommend getting down to Andalucia! Although I probably shouldn't as you will clog the roads and crowd the retaurants.


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