Thursday, February 5, 2009

The AVE - high speed train from Madrid not fast enough!

Hi All,

A very wet time here in Spain with torrential rain and storms pretty much every day for the past week. We even had a 110mph Tornado in Malaga last Sunday wreaking havoc on the town.

And looking at the UK news, and speaking to my wife in the UK, a pretty white week over there. The snow seems to have been great fun for most - and some unexpected powder freaks have made their way onto YouGoDo - Take a look at the elephants at Twycross Zoo in the snow.

I took the opportunity to visit FITUR, Spains major travel show in Madrid last week. Around half the show is taken up by the Spanish tourist industry. Each province, and tourist town seesm to have a stand, and each stand seemed to have a well stocked bar serving their local products! A great and colorful show.

From here I took the opportunity of taking my first ride on the AVE - Spain's modern high speed train service. Being a speed freak this was a journey I was looking forward to - almost 200mph on a train. That's got to be cool. Unfortunately I was very dissapointed - I was facing backwards to the direction of travel, the train was so smooth and Mamma Mia was playing on the DVD screens. A very sedate 200mph. Well I guess its designed for those who want to enjoy the journey and not thrill seekers!

On YouGoDo we have added over 2,000,000 new web pages in the past few weeks (our keyboards are on fire!) with the inclusion of our new location pages. These are a little bare at the moment, showing activity maps for the location, with some images from the great activities you can experience in the area. But we will soon be adding a great deal of new info for each location to make these comprehensive location guides for those of you planning to travel to take part in the great activities we feature.

The data on the site continues to grow with an ever increasing diversity of great activities being added.

A stunning range of cycling tours has been added for the hardcore cyclist - anyone for 132 day 11,000 km ride down the Andes Trail?

And to demonstrate our vertical range from YouGoDo you can now dive to the Titanic, Climb Everest, HALO Jump (High Altitude Low Opening parachutuing for the brave!) and taking it to the extreme fly into outer space. Obviously this is in additon to the standard diving, climbing, hang gliding, gliding, helicopter flights, hot air ballooning....

A recently agreed deal with Spanish Airport Guides, who offer over 100 comprehensive airport guides, will see YouGoDo information added to their airport guides in the near future. This new content will allow Spanish Airport Guide users to see a host of great things to do at their destinations, from YouGoDo.

Soggy Paul

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