Monday, January 12, 2009

The Snow in Spain falls mainly – in the winter I guess!

Well it’s freezing (well for Spain it is!) down here on the south coast of Spain. Local radio stations are reporting that it is the coldest week in Spain since their records began. Madrid airport has suffered severe closures over the weekend, with many passengers still trying to reach their destinations as I write, due to the heavy snow falls. It was -7 in Madrid this morning as I watched the Spanish news, and a pretty cool 4 in Malaga (cold for this part of the world but not quite arctic).

Here on the south coast from our house we could see snow falls at a much lower altitude than the norm so it prompted a drive to Alcaucin, above Lake Viñuela for a play in the Snow. Great fun – and even though there was rare snow on the ground it was warm in the Andalucian winter sun – lambs were bouncing in the hills, almond blossom is starting to explode in the trees and colourful flowers are appearing - early signs of spring.

Once Christmas passed YouGoDo traffic returned with a bang, indeed I was surprised to see quite a few people surfing the site on Xmas day. Maybe Holiday Vouchers were a big hit this year! Many records are being broken again this month – the number of pages served, the number of pages per visit, etc. Great to see we are getting it right.

Our technical team have been busy working on a lot of new innovations. The gives a beta taste of some of the new graphical activity maps we will soon be releasing to anyone wanting to show map activity data on their web sites.

Great new activities continue to sign up with YouGoDo – here’s a few of the latest additions.

Speed Riding in France – a cross between skiing and paragliding!
Carver One tours in Germany - just think motorbike meets supercar – very exciting!
Ice Diving in the Alps
Things to do in Antarctica
Things to do in Bulgaria including the Dancing Bears Rehab Park
Shopping Tours of New York
Sailing round Cape Horn
The amazing Vallnord Mountain Bike Park in Andorra
And the site seems to becoming very popular with Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Investigations!


Cool Paul from Spain

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