Monday, October 6, 2008

The Wind in Spain - often overshadowed by the Rain in Spain!

Just back from an excellent day in Tarifa (on the southern tip of mainland Spain about 15km east of Gibraltar, and 12km North of Tangier in Morocco, Africa) – known by many as the kite and wind surf capital of Europe.

We sat and had a picnic on the beach (with the high winds our Sandwiches had a very high Sand content!).

It was great to watch the kites take to the sky – how do so many of them scream up and down the waves all day without getting into an unholy tangle. We after about an hour two did manage to get into a tangle so they were not all perfect! I must have a try on day - watch this space for the tangle story, or the story of a very sunburt and stiff man hitting Africa on a kite surf board.

A little further down the beach hundreds of windsurfers were doing their thing at incredible speed. And further on again were the schools – ahh here was the tangle squad I was looking for! For things to do in Tarifa click here!

And about a mile further along, sheltered from the winds by the stunning dunes, the Spanish were caking themselves in Mud. A natural beauty product occurs here and mixed with water the clay becomes all the ingredients necessary for a beauty treatment. Well you have to have a go don’t you!

Another driver for our visit to Tarifa was to watch the migrating birds crossing the straights of Gibraltar to Africa. But I think we were too late - the birds appear to have left!

On the YouGoDo web site our monthly 'pages per visit' record has hit a new high, which again shows us we are getting things right. Please keep on visiting.

More in the next update!

Wind Swept and Sand Blasted Paul

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