Friday, October 24, 2008

Fuengirola Feria and we've been souped up and turbo’d!

Regular Visitors to YouGoDo will have noticed our huge speed improvements this week. The result of constant 40% plus ‘month on month’ site usage eventually got our servers in a pickle. So in the past week we have been fine tuning the site. Numerous optimisation tweaks have been implemented (with a great deal of technical help from the team at Crash Media Group – – a great bunch of guys with a great site for the Petrol Heads amongst us).

So have a play at – find exciting activities and experiences in your area, and around the globe, without so much of the World Wide Wait.

Meanwhile here in Spain October has been Party Time (it seems to be Party Time all year round). But for Fuengirola, October is a very special time - feria time (6th - 12th - like all major events, bank holidays, etc it is the same dates each year irrespective of what day the 6th lands on).

The Feria is a week long party for the whole town, which the local population look forward to like 6 year old British kids look forward to Christmas. The whole town turns out, many local businesses close for the duration and they party hard! The locals live like Kings and Queens for the week, the menfolk dress in all their finery and ride their imaculately groomed horses into town. Bars with dozens of horses tied up outside is quite the norm this time of year. The ladies are also stunningly dressed in their Flamenco Dresses. And with the feria ground and its 100 or so casitas (locally managed small bars) freshly painted, the thousands of coloured lights set up along the boulevards, the scene is this set for a week of drinking, dancing, eating and making merry.

And being Spain it is especially family friendly with a great funfair for the kids. A great event - one of the joys of living in Spain.

Instead of the usual 'unusual activities' list in this post I have included some of the great category searches on YouGoDo (decide what you want to do - and find the best places in the World to have a go!):

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