Monday, September 8, 2008

Winter arrives on the Costa del Sol.

Well September is upon us and there are very subtle signs of the approach of winter here in Southern Spain – The outdoor swimming pools have dropped from 29 to 24 degrees – partly as a result of the movement of the rotational axis of the sun taking the rays from the pools in shaded areas! Wow I sounded technical there!

Less subtle signs in my neck of the woods include emptying supermarkets and car parks! And after an 11 week summer holiday my kids are back to school!

We even had a few drops of rain during the night last week (you could see the tell tale signs in the dust on the cars). Being an Englishman living abroad I never thought I would ever look forward to a good rain storm, but after a few months of hot dry weather it will be a pleasure to walk out in the rain when the first Autumn rains arrive. My sympathies go out to all those English people reading this while they suffer the current flooding. Sorry!

Although the pace of life for those living on the Coast has slowed for the past few months we have been hard at work improving the World’s Playground. Following closely from the new user friendly search engine (making finding ‘things to do’ around the world easier) we have now ported the whole site across to a new hosting system. For the non technical (like me) – quite often in the past few months there has been too many of you onboard, and our engine could not cope, slowing the experience noticeably. YouGoDo is all about thrilling experiences – slow is not usually what YouGoDo users are looking for! - So we’ve fitted a much bigger engine (but a very eco friendly one!) so we can cater for all the extra people coming on board to play!

It’s a bit of a transition time at the moment for most of our users – our Northerners (any one from about the Equator up I guess) are looking forward to the winter which will mean a great deal of snow sports here in Europe, Canada, the United States to name just a few. And the southerners will be doing the opposite as the sun’s rays strengthen down south!

A transition time for our operators also – and its good to see more and more exciting activities being added.

A few of the more notable additions in the past few months include

Dinner in the Sky – Not your ordinary meal – as you eat suspended a few hundred feet above some of the World’s great destinations – Rome and Cape Town for example!

Spheremania - Sphereing throughout the UK

The Verde Canyon Railroad, often referred to as the finest train ride in Arizona

Back to the winter then!


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