Friday, September 26, 2008

Ship Ahoy - YouGoDo staff at large in Greece

Just back from a week island hopping in Greece (all in the name of research of course!). We had been invited along by a group of friends, and what a great place it turned out to be. Not sure why, but Greece was never high up on my list of places to see, but I was pleasantly surprised. Places like Poros and Hydra are a delight.

From a YouGoDo point of view one of the key Things to do in Greece, in what little of Greece I saw in the week (leaving from Athens going South East as far as Ermione via Hydra and Poros to name a few), appeared to be Island Hopping. Most achieve this by either yachting or backpacking on many of the high speed ferries darting between the islands.

It would have been nice to have visited the Acropolis but it was closed when we got up there at 7:25pm (last entrance 7pm this time of year) but we did get to see the Greek changing of the guard. A nice cultural touch but I did keep getting flashbacks to Monty Python and the ministry of silly walks!

Here on YouGoDo we are continuing to do all we can to improve the end user experience. Speed is a key driver and following on from our port to a new faster platform we have implemented numerous new tweaks to substantially speed up functions like the proximity search. Bear with us we are still tuning to further improve things!

As an experiment we have taken the eye candy (all the superb activity images) off the home page to see if this minimalist (see Google example!) approach with a faster front page is liked or disliked by our users. All comments and suggestions welcome below!

Data continues to grow further improving our substantial global reach advantage over our competition.

Just a few of the latest interesting activities include:

Heli Golf – what better way to play - few options here – in Ireland, Hawaii and South Africa

Kite Skiing in Switzerland - (a new one to me!)

The Olympia Bobrun in St Moritz

Pame Volta Cycling Tours – one of the many new things to do in Athens on YouGoDo

A host of interesting Motorcycle Tours in Argentina

Scuba Diving in Belize the site of the famous Blue Hole

Snowmobile Fun in Meribel, France

Over and out –anchor down

First Mate Paul

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