Friday, August 1, 2008

We've been too successful!

Hi All,'s growth has been phenonemal again this past month (July) - visitors are 48% up on last month which has rather got our servers in a tether, and the heat here in Spain is also slowing the servers (ooops I forgot we are in 2008 - us IT geeks used to be able to use these types of excuses when I started out many moons ago!). Please bear with us while we upgrade our infrastructure in the coming few days!

It has been a stinking hot past few weeks here in Spain, with the northerly winds from the central Spanish plains bringing high 30 degree heats. We prefer the southerly winds which bring the cooler air from over the Med. But after, too many, years of moaning about UK summers I can not bring myself to complain.

Only thing to do is head for the sea, the pool or the lakes. Few visitors to this part of the world go inland which is a shame - the El Chorro area, about 90 minutes inland from the coastal resorts is stunning. So this is where we headed last weekend and got the pedalos out on the lake in a 39 degrees heat. Great fun. And surprisingly quiet - my past local equivalent Matlock would be teaming with visitors on an equivalent sunday.

Keep on coming to the site - our new search screen is due out within days, and the sites speed will be improved shortly after!

Some killer new activities have been recently added:

How about Zero Gravity Flights from Las Vegas or Orlando (well Cape Kennedy near by)

or Hang Gliding over Rio

or for the girlies - Girls Only Surf Camps in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Screaming around Paris on Roller Skates

Driving a Monster Truck in the UK

Seeing Chicago with a local for FREE!

Thats all for now.


Hot 'but not complaining' Paul

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