Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Fluffly White Goodness

New Zealand's been having a few storms lately with lots of flooding, landslips and closed mountain passes due to heavy snowfall. Not all bad news though... for us skiers and snowboarders it's meant a phenomenal season so far with huge amounts of snow getting dumped on the mountains to play on! Despite all this we were really lucky as while down in Wanaka on a well earned week off we were blessed with some awesome blue sky sunny days which always makes playing on the mountains that much more enjoyable.

While in Wanaka we were also visiting friends working up the mountain on Cardrona ski field. Though they're on minimum wage, I've come away feeling quite jealous as they seem to be having so much fun working on the mountain with it's fun social scene, free season pass and heavy discounts at other ski-fields amongst the many other perks.

Cardrona itself turns out to be one of the most fun mountains I've played on in New Zealand (and I'm not just saying that because they chucked us a few free day passes!) - it just seems to present you with so many options on its spread-out slopes it's hard to get bored. Little bits of scenery everywhere to play on / jump off / drop off, an awesome park to play in, and some off-piste virgin snow to be had for those willing to hike up a little to the ridges - well worth the effort for the views alone! And at the end of the day if you can persuade a mate to drive your car down for you, you can get one last run in on untouched powder by snowboarding / skiing down past the bottom of the lifts and continuing on till you hit the access road - always good fun!

There was also a mini side mission while down in Wanaka of smuggling Hunca Munca (a friendly pet rat) down to visit its owner who's been missing her terribly. Her landlady objected to the idea of having a rodent move in with them. If only she'd met Hunca, I'm sure she would have changed her mind!

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