Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Driving in Spain!

An amusing report from the local paper - well amusing if you are not a trainee driving instructor down here, or a local road user come to think of it!

The traffic department recently introduced a new tougher test for would-be driving instructors, and get this - 99% of the 1600 candidates recently tested in the Malaga area failed!

Guess it explains some of the great antics I observe during every day driving locally - parking on roundabouts, reversing off motorways, driving the wrong way up one ways, etc have all now become quite normal to me after a few years living here.

Indeed we now term the cars Hazard Lights the 'do what you want' lights. When observing 'inappropriate driving' we often state "It's OK he's got his 'do what you want lights on!'"

Another record site usage day yesterday, and so far this month July site usage is 46% higher than last month! We must be getting something right!

Thanks again to all our users - And wait until you get the new super improved search screen! See below.

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