Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The cup’s in the bag, old blokes on bikes in Belgium and more visitor records

A great night for the Spanish a week last Sunday when they won the Euro 2008 Football Cup, their first major international trophy for quite a while. A great evening here in Spain with a great deal of celebrating, fireworks and lots of noise (a good week to be selling new car horns)!

Great to see, and commiserations to the Germans.

I left the hot climate of Spain to go and watch a load of old blokes on old bikes in Belgium this last weekend at the Spa Classics meeting. Very talented old blokes including John Surtees, Giacomo Agostini, Freddy Spencer and Randy Mamola to name but a few. I arrived in Brussels to find it was just as hot as it was here in Spain when I left - Excellent. A great weekend at the Spa Francorchamps Circuit. I have travelled to many circuits around the world an in my humble opinion none of the them can top Spa for its dramatics rises and dips and its stunning forest scenery.

Off course I took time out on my travels to ensure we have more information coming through on this often overlooked part of the World. More things to do in Belgium coming soon!

June is now over and again our site statistical data shows that we have again achieved high double figure growth – in fact site traffic (in terms of both visitors and pages served) has grown by an average of 40+% every month since our December 2007 launch. One week into July and we are continuing our climb.

Some of the diverse range of new activities added in the past few weeks.

Planning a move to Spain – why not take a course before making the decision
The PLASTINARIUM in Guben, Germany - a combination of anatomy laboratory and museum

And just when I thought I had seen them all SCAD Diving (Suspended Catch Air Device) in the UK - Maybe not put my name down for this one although it would be a must do 20 years ago
Pole Dancing Fitness Courses in New Zealand and the UK


Paul - 'this weekend I have been mainly eating chips with Mayo!'

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