Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another week and another big party on the Beach - Isn't Spain Brilliant!

Last night here in Fuengirola it was the Feria del Carmen, where (and the Spanish will have to forgive me if I am wrong here!) an effigy of the Virgin del Carmen, on a huge float is carried through the streets by around 60 strong locals, and then down the beach and straight out into the sea. I believe this is to bless the fishermen but I could be wrong.

It is a stunning sight to behold with thousands on the beach as it all kicks off at about 11 pm. The huge effigy with its 60 bearers is followed out into the rough seas by an army of followers, and the flotilla of boats just of shore then do their best to get a closer look! Given last night’s quite choppy seas, it was a sight which would cause many a UK Health and Safety person to pass out on the spot.

Following on from this was a stunning fireworks display - I joined the others in clapping the end of the display at least 4 times! They even had water fireworks. I thought it had gone wrong when a set of fireworks tipped straight into the sea, only for them to float to the surface and start emitting more great displays from the surface of the water! Stunning!

Prior to this the wife and me made the most of a few days without our lovely Children (at their Grandparents in Nottingham) to take a trip to Malaga, an often overlooked city here in AndalucĂ­a. Indeed I bet over 95% of the tourists who arrive at the busy Malaga airport do not set foot in Malaga after taking their transport from the airport. Most of the visitors to this region head East to Fuengirola, Marbella and beyond, or west to Nerja and the surrounding areas.

We had a great time in the home town of Picasso, and in true YouGoDo style we had a hotel with a huge slide!



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