Thursday, June 26, 2008

San Juan, Water Ski Shame and more new records!

Starting with life in Spain again – another great few weeks. Monday night was the San Juan (Saint John) celebration here in Spain. The longest day and shortest night is celebrated across the country as the start of summer! A vast difference from the UK where I usually faced the longest day with dread and with a glass half empty attitude (which I am not usually guilty of!) seeing the longest day as the start of winter!

Locally San Juan is celebrated on the beach, and the Fuengirola Ayuntamiento (council) had put up a stage rigged with 60,000 watts of music for the 9,000 plus guests expected. The billing stated the party ran from 9:30 until 4:30 a.m. In reality I arrived about 11:00 and very little happens until about midnight. When I left at 12:45 am there were as more arriving than leaving! I was later woken from over a mile away by fireworks at about 2 am. It is also allegedly the only night of the year the police turn a blind eye to fires on the beach. All along the coast line you could see fires on the beach and I would think there were about 20,000 people on the long stretch of beach along the front of Fuengirola. Apparently you need to jump a fire, and get yourself wet in the sea at midnight for luck (or is one one to get married and the other for good luck!).

A few things strike you as pleasantly surprising, as an Englishman in Spain looking into their way of life. The age range at the event ranged from babies in pushchairs to those in their 90’s, together with the odd dog here and there – all having a great time to the music. The lack of aggressive drunks and fighting is nice to see! The fact it takes part on the night of the longest day – It does not matter a jot to the Spanish that it’s a Monday night – they are here to have a great time! Many can later be seen wandering up the road the following morning at 9:00 am wrapped in a towel. Great fun for all.

My eldest daughter’s (12) busy social life is kicking into gear – the local theme park Tivoli last Friday, and then she has been invited to a waterskiing party this Friday. So no problem, as she has never been before, lets go and have a practise. We went along to Cableski Marbella, which is a great facility. I stand behind both girls and tell them “don`t worry if you fall in at the other side of the lake, Dad’s right behind you and I will let go and wait with you for the boat”. Inevitable – off goes Daughter one and completes a lap superbly first go, ditto daughter two and then reliable Dad piles into the water in an ungraceful tumbling cart wheeling lump at the furthest point on the lake – the shame of waiting for the boat while the girls carried on skiing! Not sure what was more emabarassing - falling off so early or being the only old git on the lake using a pair of skis in place of a wakeboard!

Also a great atmosphere here with the European Football Championships taking place in Austria and Switzerland. Without a British Team to chew my nails to I have obviously taken to supporting the local team Spain. Only Russia standing in ‘our’ way of a final against Germany! Go Spain – lots of blaring car horns and fireworks last weekend when ‘we’ made the semi finals. I hope for more!

Onto YouGoDo – The World’s Playground. We have recognised our Search screen could be a lot more user friendly, and hence we have started our work on a new and super dooper cleaner version – watch this space!

June’s site usage statistics show our growth is continuing. Again this month new user visitor quantity and page impression records are now guaranteed, with a few days still to go!

Things to do in New York, Things to do in Las Vegas and Things to do in Orlando have all been ramped up, as has Cycling in Spain, and our Motorcycling section now boasts over 200 great motorcycling ideas from around the world.

Our latest female recruit has ensured Spas across the World have increased.

And onto a few new great ideas!

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