Thursday, June 5, 2008

Proper summer finally arrives on the Costa del Sol!

Well the sun is finally shining with some strength here on the Costa del Sol. The Spanish have a saying which roughly translated comes out as “Do not put your vest away until May 40th!”. Well it is only a few days off now and their saying is holding good. After this date you are pretty much guaranteed good weather here in the south. The North of Spain has received a huge amount of rain in May which is very welcome in the reservoirs.

My daughters turn to be taking the YouGoDo activity loving roles this week with my eldest (11) on a school trip in Cuenca. So far this week she has taken part in kayaking and canyoning! Rafting today apparently. Youngest (9 - pictured left!) is off paintballing at the weekend. I have been sat watching the TT races from the Isle of Man on TV – How Sad - the racing is incredible and its been too long since I was last there - should have gone!

Onto Business - One million, one and a half million users – who’s counting!

Definitely sounding like a broken record now - Yes we managed to add another 500,000 to our annual user count in the past couple of weeks, and pages served up a whopping 67% in a month! Thanks again to all involved!

Since the last blog the sophisticated YouGoDo Ad engine has now gone live - this allows YouGoDo advertisers to show exciting image based adverts to our growing band of activity and experience seeking end users, using a very comprehensive range of selection criteria to ensure the adverts shown will be of interest to the user - which of course is in the best interest for both parties! For example show my beach bar advert to users searching for watersports in my area. More details here.

On YouGoDo our home page has been modified to show users a selection of the local inspirational activities before the global inspirational activities. The UK press release has been followed up with Spanish and German press releases.

Thing to do in Denmark has strengthened significantly, as has things to do in Rome, and activities in Guernsey, one of the UK Channel Islands, have now appeared YouGoDo. Things to do in the USA continue to grow significantly.

And finally the spectacular activities showcase - few more of the more interesting activities which have been added recently.

Learn to Kite Surf in the European Kite Surf Mecca of Tarifa with Aurelia Herpina, the 2006 World Speed Record Holder

Visit the CornEvil Haunted Maze and be terrified in New Zealand

Take a kick bike (think big scooter) tour of Madrid or Barcelona in Spain

Try Rollerskiing in London in the United Kingdom

Take a walk in the tree top canopies in Guyana

Hire a Harley and take a tour of Cape Cod in the USA

Take a tour of Italy in nostalgic classic Alfas

Cave rafting in New Zealand



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