Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We are millionusers! If such a term exists!

Well another blog and another record achieved – we have burst through the 1,000,000 visitors p.a. mark after only a few months. Well ahead of our plans!

Many thanks to all our users and activity and experience providers - Keep coming and tell everyone you know about the site!

This week saw our first PR agency press release go out to the UK press. Seems to have hit lots of relevant web sites, but as yet I’m unsure if we have made any good hard copy! Anyone seen YouGoDo in the papers and magazines? - please let me know!

The nice weather has continued my active lifestyle with more enduro riding, mountain biking, tennis and swimming.

Life in Spain - Had two local Spanish guys round to fix an outside light which had to be water proof – I am one of those who is hopeless with anything practical. An hour and quite a big bill later, all is sorted and I am sat outside bathed in light with a nice glass of the local cheap wine. Two hours later the light fails again and I am in the dark, muttering and cursing the quality of the local workforce. To their credit they come back the next day, and to my horror within minutes they flip the ‘trip switch’, and leave without charge. Much to my embarrassment and many apologies! I should not have doubted them.

The local DJ seems to share my views on some of the local driving styles – his comment “aren’t they brilliant drivers here – they must have stunning reactions to be able to drive so close” struck a chord with me.

And sphering has finally arrived in Marbella - Me and my daughter will be off for a go, for her birthday!

Back to the site and more great activities are coming on to the site. Our drive to get more activities in Spanish has worked well. Tenerife has strengthened its data considerably in the past few days. Check out the glass bottom kayak and the nuclear globes!

Well on to this this weeks activity spotlight:

Coasteering on the Isle of Man

Violent Skies Storm Chasing Tours

The Oribi Gorge Canyon Swing – another one to add to the list of activities we promote which I would need to held at gunpoint to try!

Orca Safari - Diving with killer whales in Norway – and in winter - another for the above list!

Big Apple Greeters - Free Personal Tours of New York guided by local volunteers.

Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tours and Hearse Limo Hire!

And finally two similar tours at differing budgets!

Ferrari tours of Italy and the Africa Beetle Marathon



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