Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spreading the Inspiration through Eye Candy

Everyone loves eye candy, right?

With the 10’s of thousands of activities and experiences listed on YouGoDo there’s a huge wealth of colourful and inspirational images on the site. What better way to use this resource than to help extend the reach of the operators listing themselves on YouGoDo?

One way we’re doing this is to allow YouGoDo data to be served up on other websites. The latest addition to our arsenal is a simple piece of JavaScript that can be dropped into any site to serve up inspirational eye candy from YouGoDo's Inspiration Page. Check out the example on the right of this blog (under the Inspiration title) which shows how random inspiration from our vast collection is displayed each time a page is refreshed.

Continuing with the theme of eye candy - we’ve also started to experiment with Social Media Marketing to further extend the reach of our operators. Check out our initial dabbling with eye candy on our Flickr Photostream. In the coming months we’ll be pushing this form of marketing further alongside our usual advertising.

We’re also extending the reach of our operators by allowing other websites to subscribe directly to the full, rich and valuable YouGoDo content. This sort of functionality is ideal for consumption by hotels, local information sites, etc. adding tremendous value for their customers. Check out for a simple example in action. This content can be fully styled to blend seamlessly into the host site.

For a super simplified version, check out our Buttons that can be used to link directly to the YouGoDo content desired instead.

If you have your own web site and feel you can benefit from consuming YouGoDo data, feel free to give the friendly YouGoDo team a shout. Click here to contact us.

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