Monday, April 21, 2008

Swimming with Dolphins

Kia ora from New Zealand!

I’ve just had a fun weekend away from the city, erm... I mean promoting YouGoDo in Kaikoura – a beautiful place to visit if you love your seafood, watching wildlife or surfing.

Luckily being the lead code monkey for YouGoDo isn’t all about sitting in front of a PC coding away, sometimes I actually get to go out and try out some of the fun stuff we show on the website. While in Kaikoura I was lucky enough to try out the famous Dolphin Encounter – something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now as many of my travelling friends have raved about it. I wasn’t disappointed...

Watching the playful displays of the dusky dolphins from the boat was an amazing experience in itself, but getting into the water with these inquisitive creatures was truly awesome! They seemed just as delighted to see us snorkelling clumsily around as we were to see them. I was amazed at how close they would come – elegantly swimming within inches sometimes, circling a few times and then off again often to be replaced by one or more of their buddies. Being Autumn here I was expecting to get at least a little cold from the sea, but the thick wetsuit meant I was hardly aware of the cold water at all. Bonus – the wetsuits are extremely buoyant so you don’t have to worry about staying afloat, leaving you more time to concentrate on the fun business of getting down to playing.

If you ever get the chance I heartily recommend it as it’s a unique experience you’re unlikely to forget!

Flippers buddy,
Gav ;)

Dolphin Encounter
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