Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More people coming to play!

Not a single blog for 45 years then two in a week - what a Blogger I am becoming!

While the lead code monkey was swimming with Dolphins (see below entry) - I'm stuck here promoting the http://www.yougodo.com/ - The Worlds Playground!

Never mind it's Autumn there (NZ) and spring here (Spain)!

And it was a great week to be promoting the site last week - more people are coming to play on the Playground - we hit new record after new record last week - 1750 unique visitors one day (almost 640,000 p.a.). Which, from a zero start at the end of 2007, puts us well on the way to our target of serving over 1,000,000 experience seekers per year by Summer 2008.

In between pushing out press releases around the world I have been doing a great deal of data management. Motorcycling, being a great love of mine!, is coincidentally coming to the fore as an strength of yougodo - http://www.yougodo.com/Search.aspx?c=92 - I need to get away from the desk and try some of these out!

I've also been taking a look at some of the empty searches we have had in - These are things that our end users have been searching for on YouGoDo, and we have no matching data. A little like the classic insurance claims which get banded around the internet it is strange what some folks are looking for, on a pure activities and experiences portal - Here goes!

'Marketing in India'


'Stress in Nailsea'

'dog riding in the UK'

'Face lifts in Inverness'

'What to do for social studies'

'activity showing what people are doing right now in Quetzaltenango'

'solicitor in Hacienda Cuicocha'


'Train as air stewardess'

Along with at least 20 different ways to miss spell Dolphin in three languages!

And bless them several users who have been looking for something to do in an area, and cannot help themselves from putting unecessary text into the keywords - 'Any', 'For everybody' and 'Anywhere' are among the key words they have used to stop themselves getting any data returned! But we are prepared for such users and the system automatically widens the search and shows them the relevant data anyway!

And finally a few activities in the spotlight.

Golf with the Birdie Girls

Tours of Sewers

The Pink Tank Limo

Urban Rat Races

Galzier Heli Rafting

Adios - Siesta time!


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