Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ferrari Limos - a bit like busses, you wait ages for one then two come along...

Yes two Ferrari Stretch Limos have arrived on the Worlds Playground this week!

Here and here!

Another great week here in the Worlds Playground - visitor, and leads being generated, records again being broken.

And summer seems to have arrived here in Southern Spain. In the UK it used to be the sounds of the swallows and swifts which signalled the arrival of summer. Here in Spain (well in my house!) it is now the arrival of the 'summer painters' - painting over the damp on the walls from the heavy winter rains, now the walls have dried. Despite it being a new property the builder seems to prefer to send in the 'summer painters' annually rather than 'fix the leak'. And after getting on for three years here, this is starting to seem acceptable!

Brits have started to appear topless in supermarkets (you would expect this to be a trait of the super fit, but by a quirk of nature the opposite seems to be the case, and it only seems to be the fat burnt men that do this!). Oh, and some of the local Spanish folks have taken off one of their outer jumpers.

And you can hear the sounds of kids jumping into the outdoor pools - closely follows by a deep intake of breath, and a scream.

On the Playground the home page has been changed to show more of the great images being added to the site. It is also being squeezed up a little so users realise these are present - they were off the bottom of the screen.

The range of activities added in the past few days has been pretty diverse, ranging from Knitting in Hereford to a 33 Storey High Gorge Jump in South Africa.

It amazes me when looking at some of the websites we link to, just how many of these places, despite being in great climates, have all their images taken on dull cloudy days! And this even includes Tourist Information sites.

A few more highlights from recent data:

Learn to be a Game Ranger in South Africa

Yacht Charter for the seriously wealthy at over €600,000 per week

The Pedal Powered Pub Crawl in Amsterdam

And finally the Open Top Lambo Hot Tub Limo - Only in America!

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