Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ex pat nerds at opposite ends of the World try to tell the World 'What to Do!'

My first Blog - what a milestone - at 45 I thought I had done it all!

Actually from my work over the past few months getting - The World's Playground up and running I have discovered there is still quite a bit to do!

In this blog I aim to offer a humorous write up on our progress as we launch The Worlds Playground and our successes in trying to "Tell the good folk of this World - Just What to Do and Where to Do IT!" (I guess the Mile High Club experience is a good example of this! See below).

Researching data for the site has thrown up some superb little gems which I had never even considered trying! In fact the first activity added 'Trekking with Llamas' was all new to me. And it was a local activity - well local to Nottingham where I used to live.

We (me, the wife the two daughters and a stupid boxer dog!) are now based in Southern Spain and I work with a business partner (Gavin Harriss) who is based across the globe in New Zealand. Launching a new global business from Spain offers several challenges! More of this another time!

Well for this first blog, back to some of the things I now realise I have not done - Pretty much every week I come across some experience gems – I will include some of these in this blog with each entry! Here’s a couple for starters!

· The Mile High Club!
· Tours on American Custom Motorcycles - or Choppers
· The World’s Largest Aquarium - swim with Whale Sharks in a tank (water not military)!

Ooops getting a bit too USA heavy (a few from elsewhere)

· The James Bond Bungee Jump in Switzerland
· Recumbenting in London (did you guessed right?) - lose 1pt if you thought its artist related ;-)
· Flossfahrting (sp?) in Austria (again click to see if you guessed right!)
· The Tomatina (biiiiiig tomato fight!) in Spain
· The Barbeque Donut in Austria

Ooops getting a bit too Northern Hemisphere (a few from elsewhere)

Volunteer Work in Africa
Fighter Jet Flights in Australia
Heli Rafting in New Zealand
The Words Biggest Pub Crawl

Ooops getting a bit too Earthly (one from elsewhere)

Space Flights

And the list goes on - indeed compiling the Inspiration page has been an education - it has actually inspired me to want to go out and try some (not all - I would need to be held at gun point to try some of the featured experiences!) of the great experiences we feature.

Well that's me done for the first blog – being in Spain I must get off for a few glasses of wine, and put my head down to escape the mid day heat for a few hours (it’s actually pouring down at the moment!).


a.k.a. Pablo in the Pueblo

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